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Fun things only sewing lovers would like.

Sewing Confessions

I have a secret. I HATE IRONING. There, I said it. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. Granted, I am forced to do it from ...

Ultimate DIY Bundle

We all love creating and making something out of nothing with our hands. There is such a sense of joy, of fulfillment and  accomplishment th...

STYLO - Issue 3

Round Ups

Loads of sewing DIYs, all in once place.

14 Valentine's Day DIYs

My husband reminded me earlier today that this year we will be celebrating our TEN year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe 10 years has g...

Make this Look

Patterns sewn recently, and other inspirationalal ideas for what you can make.

Julia Cardigan

With the holidays around the corner, and the need for some fancier attire, I decided to have some fun with the Julia Cardigan pattern by Wel...

Pretty in Peplum

When did my eldest get so BIG?! Sigh, I just want her to stop growing now. It's funny, when they are little - all I can think (during the ha...

Five and Ten Designs - 1 Pattern, 5 Designers

Other Cool Things

Because food, crafts, and other stuff are awesome too.


Bacon Pancake Dippers

*Because there are other awesome things in life besides sewing.* Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. You mean I can put my bacon INSIDE o...

Minion Bananas

When your son is obsessed with Minions, sometimes you have to make things fun just for him! Imagine his surprise when we had a dinner party ...


DIY Painted Feathers

*Because there are other awesome things in life besides sewing.* Oh my goodness, did you know Free People had their own blog? I am obsess...

Vintage Spool Inspiration

I was recently really inspired after finding some vintage spools at my local antique store. So much so, that I brought 3 of them home with m...

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